Another fantastic performance by Newcastle Ballet Theatre  - Reviews

What an amazing performance. The costumes and set decorations were fantastic and the snow was just magical. Well done all. Rider and Kristy you are absolutely wonderful. I am so glad that we found your studio.

What an amazing performance tonight. Congratulations to everyone and thank you. l have never been so mesmerised and completely transported to another world in my life. Brilliant!

Dear Kristy and Rider,
We'd just like to say Congratulations and Thank You. What an amazing show last night! Loved every moment. SO grateful that Sunny is able to attend your wonderful studio. Thanks to you and your staff and all of those involved in the production. Enjoy your break, see you next year.
Melissa, Steve and Sunny

What an amazing performance tonight. Congratulations to everyone and thank you. l have never been so mesmerised and completely transported to another world in my life. Brilliant!

Congratulations to all of you, it was a wonderful production. The growth in the studio in four years is something you should be very proud of

Simply brilliant. They all danced beautifully and it was an amazing production. I had many comments from people in the audience saying they couldn't believe it was a kids concert - the level of talent and professionalism was so high. Well done to you both and thank you for the hundreds and hundreds of hours you put into bringing us such a great show!!

What an amazing production. Congratulations Kristy & Rider on a spectacular evening and congrats to all the super talented NBT students. You were all stunning.

Absolutely blown away! Amazing production you have every right to be proud

Congratulations Kristy and Rider D. Vierling. Sensational performance. Simply amazing ❣❣❣

What a professional production, am amazed by these kids. Nutcracker was just perfect NBT

I wish we were waiting for NBT's production of the nutcracker to start again, once was not enough to see the talented cast perform this beautiful ballet!

Thankyou Newcastle ballet theatre for allowing us the privilege of watching such a wonderful production. It was thoroughly enjoyable and you have such wonderful talented dancers within your dance family. Job well done

Wonderful, just brilliant!

These two were amazing! All the cast where brilliant from tiny tots to the advanced. Loved the concert !

Really enjoyed your performance last night Newcastle Ballet Theatre! Congratulations on a wonderful show and special congratulations to such a team of fine performers. It appears that Newcastle Ballet Theatre just keeps raising the Barre! Well done to all!
Best concert i have ever seen

We went to Newcastle Ballet Theatres end of year performance last night to see our daughter and all her friends perform the Nutcracker and this is what we have to say!
Dynamic,Exquisite ,Fantastic,
Graceful,Happiness ,Impressive,
Magnificent,Nice,Overjoyed ,
Spectacular,Tremendous, Unbelievable,Vast,Wonderful,
Xuberant,Yummy and Zestful.  
I think that just about sums it up

As I sit here on Gosford Station I am still thinking of how to describe last night. Besides this being our first NBT concert and I have has to wait 2 years I never imagined it would be soooooooooo fantastic. I was in tears after the First Act. To everyone what an amazing experience for everyone and so much hard work. Thankyou Rider and Kristy for your belief in Maddison and for giving Taylah a part in the ballet. Also to Suzanne, Jessica for the costumes OMG and Mel for all the fantastic photos

Newcastle Ballet Theatre’s 2016 Mid Year Performance was once again a fabulous night of entertainment showcasing all of NBT’s amazing and talented students. This photo below, was taken by Mel Young Photography, of students Jasmine Bard & Lewis Formby

I attended Newcastle Ballet Theatre's Half Yearly Showcase two nights ago and I have to say that I have never before seen a student performance as good as this one. Not being personally involved with prior rehearsals for this event I turned up to the performance unprepared for what I was about to witness and I was completely blown away! The students - junior and senior, danced with utter joy obviously so proud to be showing their parents what they have learned so far this year. The choreography was amazing and I congratulate all the teachers on their choices of music for their classical, and contemporary pieces.
The demonstration of the Vaganova style syllabus work was performed this night to music by Bach and was just glorious.
The student choreographic section showcased new items developed by students of all ages and was truly amazing. How talented these students are and how artistic, evoking tears of emotion from myself on a few occasions.
Congratulation Kristy Tancred and Rider D. Vierling. You are both brilliant teachers and you convey your love of dance and artistic professional standards in a delightfully nurturing way to every student. You both are an absolute joy to work for. Newcastle is very lucky to have you in it's midst.

Congratulations on a wonderful show. The growth in all the students is amazing. A huge thank you to Kristy Tancred & Rider D. Vierling for everything you have done for Jasmine over the last five years. Tonight I watched her with tears rolling down my face. The dancer I saw on stage tonight is someone who I am incredibly proud of, and I know I have the both of you to thank for that. She has certainly grown from the little 13 year old girl who walked through your doors five years ago, with no technique behind her but an enormous love for dance. Thank you for making her the dancer she is today!

Congratulations to everyone involved in tonight's showcase. What a wonderful display of talent. Special mention to Jasmine Bard who shows a level of maturity in her choreography and dancing far beyond her years. Your solo piece moved me to tears. You always manage to bring out the best in Lewis Formby when you dance with him. We will miss you when you leave for London.
I'm very proud of Lewis who danced with an injured ankle tonight, and displayed grace and maturity throughout every piece.
To Kristy Tancred and Rider D. Vierling along with Sally Forest Egan , Jake Burden, Olivia Pickard and all of the student choreographers, you have created beautiful pieces for the students to dance to as well as the support and nurturing that allows these dancers to grow and develop. Thank you for a fabulous and very entertaining evening

So proud to be part of the NBT community and having the privilege of doing class with so many of you. Another outstanding performance, we'll done Rider, Kristy, Jake, Olivia and Meg.
You create such magic!

Another beautiful concert. Congratulations to everyone and to Mr Rider and Miss Kristy for everything you do xx   Bring on Swan Lake Act 2. My favourite ballet

Just some of the comments received below.

 Reviews 2016 Annual concert
The Grinch & Swan Lake Act 2
9th December 2016

W.O.W U guys ... seriously, I cannot remember how we found NBT to sign our child up with but have not regretted a minute of it! So professional, so kind, and we loooooove the Christmas concerts. We also really love how the older students take care of the younger students and help them along, because they are the ones our children look up to! Thank you for another fantastic year, we look forward to next year!  Natalie Latu

Thank you NBT for yet another amazing show! I'm not sure how - but every year you manage to out do yourselves and the quality and professionalism of the show and the calibre of the dancers just gets better and better. Thank you Kristy and Rider for giving tirelessly of your time, expertise and selves to bring out the best in our kids both on stage and behind the scenes. What we see on stage is a brief insight into the combined talent of the dancers and your teaching and expertise, and hours and hours of work that both yourselves and the kids put into the performance. Thank you for creating a community where all kids who love dance are nurtured and encouraged. What many people don't get to see is behind the scenes - where a beautiful group of students (both present and past) support, respect, encourage, help, thank, and care for each other, which all comes together to create such wonderful shows and a wonderful studio. The beautiful community you have built is a reflection of your attitudes and behaviour towards the kids and their families and it is a truly special community to be a part of! Thank you - we can't wait to see what 2017 will bring.

Lodged - choreographed by Sally Forest Egan
Newcastle Ballet Theatre end of year concert December 9th 2016

2017 Mid Year Perfornance

I'm writing on behalf of my family to say 'WOW', 'Congratulations' and 'Thank you'! Wow! What a show! We loved every minute. I had tears in my eyes and goosebumps (when my kids weren't even on stage!). Congratulations on such a fine production. I'm so impressed by your attention to detail and efforts to ensure it was as immensely enjoyable for the audience as it was for all of your students to be involved in. 

I can’t thank you and Kristy enough for the love, support and guidance you have given my girl. You are her inspiration and her second family.

We have not stopped talking about how fabulous the production was & the kids had the time of their lives! It is such a wonderful experience for them to be surrounded by beautiful kids & so much talent. We can't thank you enough Kristy, Rider & all the faculty for your encouragement, guidance & kindness xx

 The Nutcracker  2015

I am just writing to say a huge Congratulations on your production last night – it was truly amazing. I always try to get to your concerts as I have a soft spot for your ballet school as Olivia enjoyed her time with you for the 4 years she attended & I have always appreciated how you care for your students – I cannot believe it has been 7 years since you started – the time has flown by. It was a joy to see how much your students have grown over the years and their standard of dance is outstanding.

Everything about last night’s performance was of such high quality that I think you could perform on any stage and the audience would be enthralled. Everyone loves it when the little one’s are on stage and you do it with age appropriate themes that are just gorgeous – and such cute costumes – we all just melt!

The contemporary piece was extraordinary – the concept was simple but complicated and told the story of insomnia perfectly – the interaction of the dancers was just stunning and the choreographer should be applauded for putting together such an amazing piece of dance. I loved it!

The Sleeping Beauty was magical and I thoroughly enjoyed the performances of your full time students and to see a dancer like Michael Braun was amazing.  I am so glad you have been so successful at the competition level especially with your male students – how very satisfying it must be for you all.
Congratulations on another wonderful concert! We were all amazed at what you guide the students to achieve and we are so proud of how Kate has grown in her dancing, confidence and clear enjoyment on the stage.  You guys certainly raise the bar every year!

Yet once again.  This amazing studio  With brilliant values  And activated vision.  Underpinned by kindness.  Supported by all  Loved by its students  Crafted by teachers.  Danced by its scholars.  Entrances its audiences.  Raises its barre.  Astounds all attendees.  You excel once again NBT.  Creativity, Cooperation, Collaboration. Thank you for inspiring all of our children.   KK